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The signature product of Callahan Roach, Business Builders™ is a service that becomes the contractor's alter ego. Monthly operations reviews are performed to assure that the contractor is trending positively and adhering to a commonly recognized set of key performance indicators, with suggestions to improve their position. The service would be performed exclusively over the telephone but an onsite consulting service is available.

  • Monthly Operations Reviews M.O.R.'s
  • Knowledge is Power - KIP™
  • Onsite Consulting
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NEXT™ is a succession planning strategy that initially includes tactics to help a contractor who may choose to sell or convey their business in the succeeding 3-5 years. Recognizing that buyers of businesses want a return on their investment, it is vital to make the business profitable and maybe even more important, with formal systems in place which can be adopted by the new management. NEXT™ will assist the seller in creating systems process mapping, instilling best practices and business planning. Once in place, a business evaluation can be performed and Callahan Roach could broker the sale.

Systems Process Mapping

Business Evaluation

Succession Planning

Business Brokering

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